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Damaged Baggage

What to do in the event of damaged baggage?

If You find the air baggage at destination airport with damages to the wheels, to handle, lock opening, or if it has any scratches, cuts or with other damage, you have to go to the baggage office and report the damage.

You must also send a written complaint to the air company (via e-mail, fax or registered mail with return receipt requested) within 7 days from the date you received the damaged or pilfered luggage.

Am I entitled to compensation in case of damages to air baggage?

In case of air baggage damaged You are entitled to compensation of up to 1000 SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), equivalent to about 1,200 Euros. But if it is proved to be a specific responsibility of the air carrier, You can claim a greater compensation.

Once back at home, remember to ask for an estimation for the baggage repair. In this way you will be able to exactly quantify the damage received and claim for an exactly amount.

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