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Delayed Baggage

What’s the case of the delayed baggage?

The case of delayed baggage occurs when the baggage is not found at destination airport but it is delivered to the passenger within the 21th following days. Otherwice the baggage is considered lost.

What the air passenger has to do is the air baggage is delayed?

It at the destination airport You don’t find Your baggage, You have to report the loss to “lost and found office” by filling in the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) and then, within 21 days, claims the compensation to the airline company.

QUsually in the event of delayed baggage, it will be consigned at Your domicile and at the meantime of delivering You have to check if there is no damages and if there are all the items inside. Otherwise you have accept the baggage and reporting the damages or the lost itmes.

Are You entitled to get compensation if your baggage has been delayed?

If your baggage has been delivered with delay You are entitled to get a compensation of amount to 1000 DSP (Special Drawing Rights) that are about 1.200 euros unless to prove a specific airline company responasbility.

The passenger has to report the delay to “lost and found office” by filling in the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) just after missing the baggage and then, within a short time, claims the compensation to the airline company.

Is it possible to claim further damages compensations?

Of course, if the passenger needs to buy something has to keep all receipts relating to expenses incurred (e.g. linens, toothpaste , shampoo, clothes ect) in order to prove the patrimonial damages and to obtain the refund.

It’s better not to insert valuable items inside the baggage unless you assure them with-in the check-in. In this case, in the event of a lost baggage, the passenger can obtain the compensation up to the declared and assured value.

If your flight is part of an "all inclusive" holiday package, the event of a delayed baggage can affects the success of the holiday. In such cases, the tour operator may be required to compensate You for not material damage compensation.

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