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Flight Cancellation

Can I claim for compensation in the event of a cancelled flight?

If Your flight has been cancelled by the airline company, You are entitled to get the compensation (monetary compensation) between EUR 250 (about 210 GBP) and EUR 600 (about 510 GBP) per person (unless the company informs you with one or two weeks in advance and, at the same time, offers you an alternative flight to your final destination).
Specifically, the compensation is 250 € for routes less than 1500km, 400,00 € for routes between 1500km and 3.500km and 600.00 € for flights of more than 3.500km.

Which are the other air passengers rights derived from a cancelled flight?

You also have the right to be assisted by the airline company with:

  • You can choose also to get by the airline company alternatively;
  • A ticket for a different flight or a ticket reimbursement.

You also have the right to be assisted by the airline company with:

  • Meals and beverages
  • international calls
  • hotel accommodation and transport from and to the airport.

If the company doesn't provide to offer You these services You can claim to be refunded of the substained expenses.

In which cases is the airline company not obligated to pay You?

To avoid paying compensation, the airline company has the burden of proving that the cancelled flight was caused by extraordinary circumstances.

It often happens that the air companies try to justify the flight cancellation with general technical reasons " or " security reasons" without providing evidence or providing insufficient evidence of the exceptional circumstances.

If your flight is part of a "all inclusive" holiday package the cancelled flight may affects the success of the holiday. In such cases, the tour operator may be required to compensate You for holiday damage.

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