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Lost / Missed Connecting Flight

What’s the case of the lost flight connection?

A missed flight connection can occur when the air passenger, to get his/her destination, has to book two or more following flights:
If the first flight is delayed, the air passenger coundn’t be on time to board on the following flight and so he/she losses the connecting flight.

Are You entitled to get a compensation in the event of a lost flight connection?

The case of a lost connecting flight has been compared by European Court of Justice to the denied boarding and so entitles the air passenger to get a compensation.
But only at a condition: if the the two flights can be related to an unique air transportation contract o if the flights are operated by the same company or by companies belonging to the same holding. Ask to Volosicuro lawyers for more information.

If You has lost a connecting flight You can claim a compensation between 250 to 600 euros (from about 210 GBP to about 510 GBP).

Specifically, the compensation is 250 € for routes of less than 1500km, 400,00 € for routes between 1500km and 3.500km and 600.00 € for routes of more than 3.500km.
What are the other passengers rights whose connecting flight has been lost?

In addition to the compensation, you can choose to receive from the airline:

  • a ticket for rerouting to get the final destination;
  • a refund of the flight ticket;
  • a reimbursement of the flight ticket and an alternative ticket to go back to the initial destination (if you choose to give up the travel).

You also have the right to:

  • meals and drinks;
  • international calls;
  • hotel accommodation and transport from and to the airport.

If the company doesn't provide to offer You these services You can claim to be refunded of the substained expenses.

Is it possible to claim further damage compensation?

If your flight is part of an "all inclusive" holiday package, the event You loss a connecting flight, it can affects the success of the holiday. In such cases, the tour operator may be required to compensate You for ruined holiday damage compensation.

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