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Pilfered or tampered baggage and depredation of items

What should I do in case of tampered or pilfered baggage?

If the baggage is returned tampered with or with the broken lock, and without of such items, you must go to the baggage office and reporting the fact and also declaring the missing items that were included in the luggage. In some cases it is reccomendable to report the theft also to the appropriate police authorities.

You must also send a written complaint to the company (via e -mail, fax or registered mail with return receipt requested ) within 7 days from the date you received the luggage tampered with or looted.

Am I entitled to compensation in the event of tampering or theft of air baggage?

In case of tampering or theft of baggage You are entitled to compensation of up to 1000 SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), equivalent to about 1,200 Euros . But if it is proved to be a specific responsibility of the air carrier You can claim further damage compensations.

You can ask other damages in addition to compensation?

If your flight is part of a "all inclusive" travel the theft of personal items contained in checked air baggage can affect the success of the holiday. In such cases, the tour operator may be required to compensate You for material and moral existential damage compensation.

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