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Damage compensation caused by loss of enjoyment of the holiday

Holidays sometimes don’t achieve the recreational, regenerative or relaxing purpose which are aimed.

The damage caused by the loss of enjoyment of the holiday can arise in several cases. For example:

  • If the service provided was not up to the expectations ( in relation to accommodation , transport , catering for day trips to sporting facilities , etc);
  • If at the time of booking the holiday, You have been given false or inaccurate information on the quality standards of the tourist accommodation (resort hotel);
  • If you have been bothered of loud noises (eg . renovation work of buildings), lack of cleanliness, lack of professionalism of the staff, dirty sea, delayed baggage, flight cancellation, flight delay with loss of vacation days, etc.

The damage compensation due to the loss of holiday enjoyment and regeneration implies that the tourist has purchased an "all inclusive" package holiday , cruise holidays included, with a tour operator.

The Tour Operator will be obliged to pay compensation for any damage . In some cases the travel agent can be held responsible , especially when they are provided misleading information at the time of booking.

What should I do to get compensation for a wrong holiday damage?

According to the Tourism Code ( Italian Legislative Decree No. 79 of 2011 ) you are entitled to claim compensation for the tour operator or to travel agent for “holiday damages” . To achieve this, however , it is necessary that the damages are of such importance as to break the regenerative and enjoyable who people expect by an holiday.

In order for your claim to be successful remember to:

  • get you documentary evidence (photos or other documents ) directly on holiday place;
  • exchange your contacts (email or phone) with all the other tourists there;
  • act quickly, as soon as possible, by sending a claim to the travel organizer.

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